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We Help Brands use Social Photography to

Turn Event Guests into Brand Champions

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Your staff uses FotoZap to capture photos or videos of your guests

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You Control the Branding

Deliver the branded photo with email, SMS, Facebook, access cards, or as a glossy photo

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Consumers love their photo and promote your brand as they share with friends

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Use social photography to turn your customers into brand champions

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Hundreds of respected brands have used FotoZap.


Thanks to FotoZap, Ember Lab‘s Comic-Con movie launch was a huge success. Any brand would be crazy to run an event without using this system.

Josh Greir


FotoZap is a great marketing tool and fun to work with. I recommend it to our own marketing team here at LinkedIn and anyone who wants to engage event attendees.

Patty Cox


Thanks to FotoZap and the support of your team, we had really amazing word of mouth at the conference, and Fleishman-Hillard was able to meet the client’s overall social impression goals.  The client is very happy, and so are we.

James Morera


FotoZap makes it easy to create word-of-mouth marketing at every event.

People love to share their branded photo on social media, and we love the marketing benefit. The fact that it also collects emails for International Gymnastics Camp‘s mailing list is a bonus.

Callie Yosh


FotoZap was a perfect addition to AirEl‘s trade show efforts.

FotoZap was easy to learn and worked perfectly. We loved the flexibility to give the attendee their photo either by handing them a card or entering their email address.

Natasha Bennion


Thank you and your team for all your hard work on The Marketing Arm‘s event. The mosaic of event photos was a huge success at the event.

Kristin Hurst

See how social photography can turn event guests into brand champions

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